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About Adrian Bodie

Adrian Bodie has been enjoying working with wood from childhood to the present day.

When a boy, he was always making things, family and friends used to say " that lad'll grow up to be a joiner". Woodwork was his favourite lesson at school, helped by having a very supportive teacher he would regularly use his dinner time to further his craft.

Leaving school he went into further education studying furniture at Manchester College of Building ( now Manchester Arts and Crafts ). A two year full time course covering furniture history and construction, timber technology, cabinet making, wood machining, French polishing, upholstery and technical drawing. Saturdays he worked in a small local traditional cabinet makers, learning age old tips and techniques.

Whilst doing a furniture exhibition with the college at the Arndale centre, he was offered a full time job with a Manchester based furniture manufacturer and after completing his education an apprenticeship followed.

Throughout his career whilst working for other employers he was lucky to work on bespoke items, from furniture to airport fit outs.

There comes a time in life when you want to take control of your own destiny, leaving successful employment to set up working for yourself is a large risk but the drive to do it was too great, that was in 1992. From then on it has been a slow steady growth, not without hiccups, but with careful planning, producing a quality product, giving the customer the best possible service, the business Adrian Bodie Cabinet Makers has grown. Most of the business comes from recommendations and repeat customers. Our client base has branched out in many forms and directions, from single bespoke items to full house design, commercial work varies from boardrooms and receptions to high class shop fits and laboratories.

Wood is predominantly used, this can be any species or cut of timber, we also use materials other than tree based such as solid surfaces, we are licensed Corian fabricators. Marble, granite, limestone, glass, mirrors etc. are regularly used.

Commissioning work usually takes place by meeting the customer, finding out what they would like and how it will suit their lifestyle. Designs are discussed, some clients have very specific ideas to what they want, others just leave it as a "blank canvas" for us to design. A site measure is taken, designs are drawn up, accepted, sometimes tweaked until perfect to their wishes and then the whole manufacturing process is put in motion.

The portfolio section of this site is a gallery of the types of work that have been commissioned.